Many of the patients were children

Lori Irelan, an assistant professor in the College of Health Professions and regional chair of the nurse practitioner program at WilmU Dover and Georgetown campuses.“We were bused to remote villages, 45 minutes to an hour away, and worked for 10 hours a day until we saw all the patients who were waiting for care,“ she said.Diabetes, high blood pressure, and joint pain were commonly treated complaints, as were mosquito borne illnesses, fungal infections, and parasitic diseases. Many of the patients were children.The group aimed to educate village residents, provide them with a supply of donated medications, and arrange follow up visits for them with area physicians.In an island nation where the average annual income is under $5,000, where 14% of the population is unemployed, where more than 40% live below the poverty line, and where in the months since the trip was planned Hurricane Maria flooded communities and destroyed housing on its way across the Caribbean in September, the assistance is desperately needed.“The mission trip is rewarding in many ways,“ said Dr. Irelan.

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