But there’s more to this story

The city is located on Absecon Island, which stretches for 8.1 miles (13.0km) and is also home of Atlantic City and Ventnor City to the northeast, and Longport on the southwest. The city stretches about eight blocks from the Atlantic Ocean to the bay at most points in town. Margate is a popular Jersey Shore destination, especially during the summer, and is the home of Lucy the Elephant, a 65 foot (20m) wooden elephant, and of Marven Gardens, of Monopoly board game fame..

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wholesale jerseys from china INSKEEP: We walked the streets in the sunshine, past new condo buildings and skyscrapers. You guys know this story in Providence, don’t you? And people in many cities across the country know this; an old city, stone and brick buildings like this amazing library, restored and re used, new buildings go up beside them. But there’s more to this story. wholesale jerseys from china

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